17 years ago a cute boy with long swoopy hair said hey to me in the lunch line in high school and the rest is basically history.
We had several mutual friends and quickly began dating. I’ll never forget our first kiss on the side of the school gym in between classes. It was magical and I am pretty sure I fell in love all through the hallways of that school. We had so many naysayers who were anti-high school love and spoke negativity into our lives that these kinds of relationships just don’t last and we were silly. Well, I guess we just dropped a big boo ya on them.
Now has it been easy and an absolute cakewalk since then? No way? However, we all know anything good is worth the work.

So is it really all a fairy tale with the happily ever after?

In 2002, we rode up to Cheaha and had a picnic lunch.robertson carriage  Zac there gave me a gorgeous tanzanite promise ring and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have wiped my smile off my face if you tried. Five short years later we made that drive again and while trying to take half a million pictures, Zac stops me, gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was SHOCKED! We had talked about it but I literally had no clue it was coming and I was so happy. We got married in 2008 and we rode out after our I dos in a horse-drawn carriage while wearing my Cinderella gown holding hands with my very own {cowboy} prince charming… so it sounds just like a real-life fairy tale.
I will be upfront and honest in saying that we by far do not have everything together or have it all figured out. We simply love each other and are willing to do whatever it takes to stay married forever. We have literally grown up together: two high school graduations, three college graduations, new jobs, first jobs, job loss, animals (so many animals), a miscarriage and then 2 beautiful little boys. We have learned so much in our years together and here is what we do and we pray it will help you.

Wear matching outfits.

(Kidding, well….kind of!)

I think it’s so fun to coordinate our outfits. I always have. I would go to Zac’s house in high school before a date and try to find something that matched me. It is ridiculous, I know.
Here’s my point.robertson family
Does Zac care anything about our matching outfits? NOPE! But he loves me! My favorites are when he sees my clothes laid out then I see him after he’s dressed and I say, ” Oh cute, we match”, to which he just grins.
So do you really need matching outfits to stay together? No way. What you do need is to do things that make your spouse happy even if it’s not something you particularly care about. Just be supportive.
Let me give you another example of this. We had been dating a few years and Zac asked me to go on a “trail” ride on his new horse (it totally wasn’t a trail). So let’s start off by saying I’m not a horse rider. I have since learned lots of skills and come into my own version of a cowgirl… but still a big no on the horse riding business. Fast forward, we are riding along with his version of the trail, my description is the thickest, steepest woods ever. While riding a vine wraps around my neck and basically tries to kill me. I manage to lay back in true cowgirl style (I totally bought boots for this adventure by the way) on the horse and unwrap the vine. We then ride on a bit when someone asks if I am ok. I’m now bleeding and look as if I tried to commit suicide. Thinking I am the best girlfriend ever and surely this is all almost over, we come upon a small ocean (ok maybe it was a creek). Zac crosses the water then calls for me to follow. My horse said NO! Y’all here I am on the side of this embankment up against a tree because clearly, I’m not a cowgirl after all. Zac has to get someone to hold his horse and he wades across the freezing cold chest-deep water in the middle of November to rescue me. I tell you this story to say, did I really want to go on this ride? Negative. But I did it because He wanted to. I could tell you countless stories of nights spent at ballparks into the wee morning hours watching him play softball when a warm bed would have been better, horse shows in the million-degree heat holding all his supplies and helping make our horses oh so shiny and clean.
Even if it’s not your cup of tea, do it. It will likely become your favorite times. Not necessarily because it’s your new favorite thing but because it’s your favorite person’s favorite thing.

Do life together.

We constantly do things together. If Trevor has baseball practice, we go as a family. If we need groceries, load up together. Time to feed the horses, everyone put your boots on. We live on a farm with a dog, 6 cats, 8 chickens, and 4 horses. There is always something to do. Literally, always! We like to use our time wisely. Zac coaches several sports, works two jobs and shows horses. So to say he is busy is an understatement. So things that allow us time together and getting things done we love. Now, are there nights that I want to throw the feed bucket at him? Sure, just keeping things real for ya.
But, sometimes just being together is what we need after a long day even if it’s surrounded by crying kids and hungry animals.

Go places

I’ve always been a bit of a homebody. However, Zac has shown me there is a lot out there that we can experience together. We had been married just a couple years when Zac planned a trip to a horse clinic in Texas. I told him I didn’t want to go. I let that poor man go alone. He had to travel, eat and sleep by himself. Now, there are times now I’m sure he would jump at that chance, however, this was not my best move as a new wife.
Do life together and when they ask you to go, GO.
Now we plan things as a family and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We love showing our boys that they are important and we make our time with each other intentional. I encourage you to not necessarily look for new things to do together as a couple/family…. just live life together!

Laugh, a lot!

I tend to be on the anxious side, it’s not my fault, I’m a 6 (on the Enneagram). Zac knows me so so well and does a good job of keeping me sane. We love to be silly. Life doesn’t always need to be so serious. In Proverbs 17:22 it says, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine,”. God desires for that cheerful spirit so, laugh.
Keep life and things in perspective. Most things we think are big, are really small in the grand scheme of things so laugh them off.
I mean maybe don’t go as far as Zac and tickle your spouse until she pees, but whatever.

Have fun

We love to have fun together because we are best friends.
When something happens good, Zac is who I want to call. When something happens bad, Zac is who I want to call. Marrying your best friend is the best!



I know that sounds like a gimme, but it is THE reason we are still holding hands, kissing, and HAPPILY living our life.
When I say love Jesus, I don’t mean a little love, or even a lot of love (like I love iced coffee). I mean a full-fledged real-life relationship (on the daily) with YOUR Lord and Savior.
As a Christian, we all naturally go through seasons in our life. Seasons where we couldn’t get closer to Him unless we were walking the streets of gold, seasons where we are desperately searching for His voice, and seasons where we let our first love, Jesus, slip to the wayside.
Our marriage is at it’s BEST when we are BOTH walking and talking daily with the Lord.

The Secret to Marriage

To sum everything up, if I could say there is a secret to marriage, I would say this is it. It sounds so very simple but it’s not. You can’t control your spouse’s relationship with Christ and no matter how great yours is alone, that is not enough. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says that “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”.
It takes all 3 of us to make this thing called marriage work.

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