Hello Friends,

So I hope that you have taken a few minutes and read the first blog we posted today about the importance of dating and doing fun things together in your marriage. Dating and spending time together has a way of establishing a connection with our spouse like nothing else can.

Fun and laughter should be the underlining melody of every marriage.

I went back and forth on whether or not to share this blog about what Alex and I did on our “Treat Yo Self” day simply because I did not want it to seem like I was just bragging about our day.

The reason I decided to share it was because it was a perfect day.

Let me explain, on the way home it occurred to me that I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the entire day. From start to finish, Alex and I have been together and had a great time. It also showed me that when you are intentional with your time and your resources you can have fun without worrying about money or schedule conflicts.

We set the time aside and saved our money for this day so we enjoyed it without any regret or guilt. I also decided to share this blog because if you are anything like us you want to date and have fun but sometimes you just can’t think of anything to do so you fall into the rut of going out to eat then coming home or just not going anywhere. On this day we found a lot of cool things so I want to take a moment to highlight some local business and give you some ideas for future dates with your spouse.

Dating Tip- Pick a location and then ask for advice from people who know the area.

The first thing we did was decided where we were going. We chose Atlanta so we talked to someone who lives there. They told us to try Ponce City Market so that’s where we started our day. Ponce City Market is housed in the historic Sears, Roebuck Building, Co building. There is a lot going on there. There is shopping, food, live events, and a lot more to do in this one location.

This was our favorite shop at Ponce. The ladies working there were so friendly. We started talking to them when we checked out. They asked us what we were doing so we ended up telling them our story and shared how “Treat Yo Self” became a thing. They loved it and gave us a big discount on our purchase because of it!


SugarBoo & Co had some of the coolest items! There was a guy set up at the door selling honey based items and they had all kinds of leather items that had been hand made by the owner of the store.

The Food Hall was huge and had several different options to choose from. This was a German dessert shop. It was 9:30 in the morning when we went through so we did not get anything but it was so pretty I had to take a picture of it! They had coffee favored desserts and a lot of fruity desserts. I’m sure Alex and I will find our way back there to try those out!

Dating Tip- Go with what you love but give it a twist

20190406_132908Alex and I love Mexican food. But on this particular day, we did not want to go anywhere we usually go. So to change it up but still get food that we liked we found a Mexican restaurant that we do not have in the area that we live! By making one intentional decision we got great food and a new experience at the same time.

Just a little FYI on this restaurant, if you sign up for their e-club (it’s free) they give you free queso that day! #quesoislife



Dating Tip- Save money so you can “treat yo self” without guilt

Alex and I both love shoes and we found a DSW in Buckhead. This was the first time that either one of us had been in a DSW. We literally walked in had a moment of “May the odds ever be in your favor!” and went to our respected sides. Great shoes and their prices were not bad at all!

I shared with you in the first blog that I use to have a bad habit of using credit cards. I use to love shopping but I would feel so guilty afterward because I knew we did not have the money to pay the bill. The great thing about saving up the money for your date or day is that you know you have the resources available and it will not be hurting you later on. I told Alex that I so enjoyed shopping on this day because there was no guilt or regret.


Dating Tip- Be adventurous and do something you have always wanted to do, no matter how silly it is.

Alex has said for years that He wanted to have a straight razor shave one day. On every vacation we have been on in the last few years he has been on the lookout for someone that offered it. Well on this particular day he actually found it so he went for it.



Dating Tip- Support your spouse’s passions

20190406_182410If there is something that your spouse is passionate about try and find a way to incorporate it into your time together. Alex loves to go to Guitar Center. He would go there every day if there was one close enough to our house. So on our  “Treat Yo Self” day guess where we ended up? Did we buy anything, no! But Alex enjoyed looking at the basses and playing a few of them. Sometimes just taking a few minutes to share something with your spouse can be so helpful for your marriage. It did not cost me anything to sit back for a little bit and let Alex enjoy himself.


Dating Tips- Have a Non-Negotiable (make them non-negotiable)

20190406_212258Non- negotiables are another thing that I mentioned in the previous blog. This is a great way to make sure that important things happen. For our “Treat Yo Self” day I had only one request, that we go to Jeni’s Ice Cream shop and have ice cream. I have recently discovered Jeni’s ice cream at Publix and it is delicious! I found out that there were three shops in Atlanta so I definitely one to go to one of them.

This Butter Almond Brittle ice cream will change your life. They hand made the waffle cones also and this one was still warm! So good! Alex ate the Brambleberry Crisp and had the same life change I did!




Let me take a moment and brag on my man and tell you how seriously he took this non-negotiable. This was the only thing that I 100% wanted to do on this day. I had talked about this ice cream for about a week so Alex was very aware that I was looking forward to it. This was actually the second Jeni’s that we went too and this picture was taken about 9:30 at night. We had chosen another location because it was closer to us. When we got there it was very crowded and we could not find a parking spot. Since it was getting late I told Alex not to worry about it that we could either find another ice cream shop or just go home. He flat out refused and told me that it was non-negotiable and that we would be having Jeni’s ice cream one way or another. We decided to find another location and were successful with parking there. Alex went above and beyond just to get me the ice cream I wanted. This one act by Alex spoke some much love to me. He made my non-negotiable nonnegotiable and that was pretty awesome!

Take the Time, Invest in your Marriage

I hope by sharing our day and these dating tips it will help to grow the fun in your marriages. Alex and I had the best day and we got to draw closer in our relationship. Taking the time to invest is so important to a marriage. I encourage you today. Take time. Invest in your marriage. Make it look like whatever works best for you!  You may not be able to take a whole day. Take a few hours. Take a lunch break. Take whatever you can! Be creativity. Be spontaneous! Be adventurous! Be intentional!

Friends, Treat Yo Self!


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