Hello Friends,

My name is Tara Payne and I am married to Alex Payne. We have been married for 6 years. We have 4 fur babies- A ridiculous boxer named Legend, and sleepy English named Duchess, and two spoiled rotten cats named Dillinger and Nelson. ( Yes, we named our cats after bank robbers).

We have been in ministry together for 5 years. Alex got his minister’s license in May of 2014. Since then we have been youth pastors, small group leaders, and on the worship team. We are passionate about the Father and furthering His Kingdom.


Recently the Father has put it on our hearts to mentor married couples. Which leads me to why we are starting this blog.

I was recently watching an Instagram story from one of my favorite authors- Jess Connolly. (If you have never heard of her look her up- she is fabulous.) I love what she posted on social media because it is always so encouraging and positive. At that moment, the Father spoke to me and told me that we needed to start something that was encouraging and positive about marriage. We live in a world that sheds such a negative light on marriage. Think about how it is portrayed- the wife is usually a nag or demanding and the husband is usually portrayed as stupid or absent. Marriage is given no importance or standard. Divorce and unfaithfulness are glorified and encouraged.

The sad thing is most people buy into the world’s picture of marriage then they wonder why their marriage is not working.

The truth is marriage is a beautiful adventure. It is God’s idea and it is a good idea. You can be happily married!

  • Do you have to work, yes!
  • Will it be messy sometimes, yes!
  • Will it be totally worth it, YES!.

So there you have it- my husband and I decided to start a blog and an Instagram page (@a.beautiful.adventure) with the sole intent of building up marriage.

So what is this blog/instagram page going to be about?

It is going to be a  place where you will find encouragement, resources, and Biblical truths about marriage. It will be a place to shine a positive light on marriage.

Why are we doing this?

Because marriage is a good idea. It is an adventure and I want everyone to not just be married but to be happily married and then, in turn, help other couples do the same.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is dating, engaged, married, or wants to be married someday.

We hope you follow us on Instagram @a.beautiful.adventure and you find this blog helpful in creating your own beautiful adventure.

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